NFT Worlds: The Next Sandbox or Decentraland?

By guacmoney •  Updated: 12/20/21 •  3 min read

Before we get started, full disclosure I own 2 NFT Worlds because I believe that this will end up being the next Metaverse play. This is not financial advice, so please read with entertainment purposes only.

Okay, let’s get into it.

NFT Worlds was a project I learned about through a Discord server I’m in back in October. Of course I was asleep when they ended up minting (i.e. around 1am my time).

But I woke up around 4am they were already up to 0.4 ETH.

So just 2 hours in and they had already jumped from the mint price to that – clearly this was a project I needed to jump into. I ended up buying 2 NFT Worlds for around 0.34 ETH

And then, they crashed. And I just had to stare at those two in my wallet for 2 months because I wasn’t about to sell them for 0.1 each.

And I’m so glad I didn’t because they recently announced a ton of updates that made the floor of the project jump all the way up to around 1.35 ETH.

nft worlds

Mint Price: Free mint + gas

Mint/Launch Date: October 5, 2021

The public mint ended up selling out in 45 minutes, which is super fast for a drop that wasn’t on a typical schedule.

What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds are 10,000 unique worlds that you can create in the Minecraft ecosystem. It’s like a metaverse land within Minecraft.

The Creators Behind NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds project was created by @temptranquil and @iamarkdev. I like to see when artists and creators joined Twitter, because it shows how long they’ve been “nerdy” if you will. These two joined in 2012 and 2010, which is awesome to see.

While that’s not a dealbreaker I always check it out. Even my Twitter was created in late 2021 because my actual Twitter would not be interested in this stuff – they are NGMI.

While their Twitter accounts are seemingly anonymous, they actually created a few videos where they show their faces. Definitely a trust-builder.

Also, it’s tweets like this that prove the founders aren’t just about making money and actually care about the community:

So they also launched another NFT project called “the Gray Boys” which are little alien like creatures who will be the first to be able to inhabit the NFT Worlds.

This Tweet shares how they were able to keep gas costs super low for the people who minted compared to other projects who don’t put much attention to the details that help keep mint costs down.

I love this. It just shows that they really are thinking of the details and how they can make this project the best they can. But we haven’t even gotten started on that part, so keep reading.


NFT Worlds have tons of features to choose from. The most straightforward way to look at a World and determine its rarity is by seeing which colors it’s features are highlighted in.

Roadmap for NFT Worlds

There is a lot happening within the world of NFT Worlds 🙂

They are also launching the $WRLD token to use when playing NFT Worlds.

You can also play around with NFT Worlds that you own. Enter, the NFT Worlds manager.

Once you connect your wallet, you can play around and explore your world.