The FamilySOL NFT

By guacmoney •  Updated: 12/31/21 •  2 min read
family sol nft

Mint DateProject NameItemsMint PriceWebsiteDiscordTwitter
01/30/2022 00:00FamilySOL6,6661 SOLWebsiteDiscordTwitter
01/24/2022 00:00Dronies10,000TBDWebsiteDiscordTwitter
2022-01-17Smoky Ape Basement Club3,3330.77 SOLWebsiteDiscordTwitter
Mid JanuaryAge of Sam10,0002 SOLWebsiteDiscordTwitter

What is the FamilySOL?

The FamilySOL NFT seems to be another profile picture project.

Their website claims it to be “not just another NFT project”, but aside from the art being awesome and containing nudity, it seems to be just another project.

There is a paragraph on the site mentioning future utility for the project, including:

While that sounds cool, a lot of projects start off with those ambitions, and many slowly go to die on Solanart.

The Art

The FamilySOL art reminds me of Family Guy, and I’m guessing that’s where the name comes from, and they do mention that’s where the inspiration came from.

Although this art is not likely to be seen on TV, as rare ones include family monkeys and nudes, yes, naked people.

The FamilySOL Team

Their website includes no mention of the team or artist, so it’s hard to say if this is just another project that’s going to rug, but at least the art is cool!

In their Telegram group, they mentioned that they’re going to list their developers, but that hasn’t happened yet, so proceed cautiously.