DeRace ($DERC): The Best NFT Game Token for 2022?

By guacmoney •  Updated: 12/03/21 •  5 min read

DeRace is a newer project that’s exploded into the NFT and altcoin space over the last few months. As a game

When looking for good gaming coins to buy, it’s always nice to see the game come before the coin or at least launching around the same time.

So many NFT roadmaps include a “future game”, knowing full well that it’s just a “nice to have” addition to their roadmap to get people to buy in. When in reality, they were just launching a PFP (profile pic) project hoping to capitalize on the hot market.

With DeRace, the game is the priority which is super refreshing and definitely a must-have for good gaming coins.

But what else is important to look out for?

While I’m no expert, I’ve learned a decent amount so far, so I took a deep dive that I wanted to share with you so you can see what I look for, and why I am definitely bullish on DeRace going into 2022.

Full Disclosure: I do own DeRace tokens, but mainly because I’ve done the research and believe in this project. DYOR, this is not financial advice.

Background & Game Concept

DeRace aims to combine NFTs, horse racing, and the gambling spaces by launching a real-time gambling and play-to-earn NFT game.

derace industries

This is a big task, but so far I have confidence they’ll at least make big headway in these spaces and make room for other projects to improve the space as well.

The Hippodromes

The really interesting piece in my opinion, is the ability to create your own hippodrome, i.e. a horse racing course.

You know, those big arenas shaped like an oval that horses in the real world run around?

Yea, you can create your own one of those, complete with the right to manage races, collect earnings and real profit (in the form of DERC coins) and launch your own horse racing ecosystem essentially.

derace hippodromes

The Market & Opportunity

The global horseracing market was valued around $300 billion in 2019 alone. While I’m sure there was an initial slump when COVID hit in 2020, I have no doubt that the virtual horse racing space is catching up to those numbers.

derace utility nfts
From the DeRace page

With platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel, you can bet on practically any race you can imagine (as long as it’s legal where you live).

Founders & DeRace Team

When evaluating projects, I like to look for good ideas with great teams behind them. A decent idea can do surprisingly well if the team behind it is level-headed but deeply passionate about it.

A great idea can get some traction purely on it just being a good idea, but it won’t have much staying power behind it if the team is garbage. This is critical to pay attention to, because a project might look amazing up front, only to leave a ton of people holding bags when the team bails, or removes liquidity.

DeRace has a decent sized team with some great experience in the cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, and game development industries. They also have some super notable backers in the crypto space.

DeRace CEO: Adomas Juodišius

DeRace CMO: Adelaida Sinkevič

Lead Designer: Domanytus

Notable Backers

DeRace Tokenomics

DeRace seems to have thought pretty hard about this before launching, as there are quite a few considerations that are nice to see.

derace tokenomics graphic
derace tokenomics

How to Earn DERC Tokens

There are a number of ways you can earn DERC tokens by using and playing the game.

Where to Buy DeRace tokens

DeRace is being listed on more platforms each week, but here is a how you can buy DeRace.

Roadmap and the Future of DeRace

At the outset, the game will be more luck based, but once they start incorporating jockeys and having people choose the right jockey and horse combo, it will become more skill based.

Their vision is to allow other betting games and online casinos to use their system as well.

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